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If you, like me, care about having the option to create city or county ordinances and regulations that make sense for us locally, you may be interested in reading my letter to the editor in The Miami Herald about the State legislature's attempt to minimize the voices of Miami-Dade residents and of its elected leaders. We know Miami Beach is expensive and needs to set a minimum wage that makes sense for Miami Beach, not one that makes sense for lawmakers in Tallahassee. 

Are the Everglades Inaccessible if you are Poor?

Once again I have the Peace Corps to thank for making me think differently about the world, but this time it’s a part of the world that's right next door to me. I just got home from a great day in my beautiful backyard, the Everglades, thanks to the protection of the National Park Service....It was only as I was driving home that I began to realize that a trip to the Everglades is something that struggling inner city families cannot even begin to afford.